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Poetry, short story, and essay featured in publications

" you see, I grew up around unfinished paintings/
so I think I learned to love/
smears of light/

the waiting green blur that

will become a forest/

pencil lines peeking through varnish/

 the shell of what’s to come

"Last September, they told us not to drink the water."

"you came to me/ 
in fits and starts/  through honeysuckle barbed-wire / as lightning, spasming
into flight/

with its two searing wings/

and I sing of the cacophony
we make"

"Not so far beneath the swaying ferns and paper birches, behind a thin veil of rich soil, there is another world. But when he reaches out to touch it, it crumbles into untransfigured earth every time."

"it comes as these torrents  of rain/ sandy loam overturned, earthworms,
undoing all / as all had never been/ but we leave mazes of memory/
faded boards on porch-steps/ fossilized nautilus" 


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